What is The Northland Age Digital Edition?

It is a digital replica of the printed newspaper, available for download from 6am on the day of publication.

What content is available?

The Northland Age Digital Edition contains all the The Northland Age content published each day, with up to 2 weeks worth of editions available at all times.

How do I access The Northland Age Digital Edition on an iPad, Android device and my iPhone?

For iPad - visit the iTunes App Store on your iPad and download the app for free. For Android - visit Google Playstore on your Android device and download the app for free. For iPhone - once you have subscribed for the digital edition, you can also access the desktop version on your Iphone.

How do I access The Northland Age Digital Edition on my desktop?

Accessing the desktop version is as simple as visiting the The Northland Age Digital Edition home page and subscribing. Once subscribed, sign in to http://northlandage.digitaledition.nzme.co.nz/ and click "remember me".

Can I use The Northland Age Digital Edition on my iPad/iPhone, Android and my desktop?

Yes, your subscription gives you access to all versions simultaneously. Use the desktop version on your main computer/iPhone, and the iPad/Android version on the go.

I'm having trouble with my print subscription.

Please call our Subscriber Services team on 0800 001 099 or email subscriptions@nzme.co.nz for assistance.

How do I read the articles on the page, as the type is too small?

You can click on the article to bring it up in the article viewer. You may treat the page view as a graphical index to the stories on that page. To read articles or advertisements, move the mouse over the article, and then click to load the requested item.
On the iPad/Android you can 'pinch' the page to zoom to the desired level.

What is the file size for each edition?

The size of each edition changes, depending on the amount of content in the Newspaper - typically around 50MB - 100MB.
The iPad/Android edition can be preset to download over Wifi only if required. It generally only takes a couple of minutes to download.

Can I print the The Northland Age Digital Edition pages and articles?

Yes for personal use only. There is a print to scale feature which allows the printing of any article onto a single page as well as the ability to print the full page.

What type of print subscriptions qualify for free access to the digital edition?

You must receive both the Tuesday and Thursday edition of The Northland Age to receive complementary access.

Can I upgrade my print subscription to a package that includes access to the digital edition?

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your print subscription to one that includes digital access, please click here for details on how you can upgrade.

How long is my subscription for?

Digital subscriptions will automatically renew each month on the date that you started your subscription. Complimentary subscriptions for print subscribers will continue as long as your print subscription is current.

How many devices can I use my access on at the same time?

3 devices can use the same access at the same time.

How can I pay for my digital subscription?

Credit Card Payments only are accepted and payment must be made before the start of the subscription

Can I get credits?

No credits are given (you can access the E-edition from anywhere at any time)